Si Dirty Dancing fuera dirigido por David Lynch

Por: pijamasurf - 08/08/2012

Un extraño remix en versión trailer del clásico pop erótico "Dirty Dancing" reimaginado para ser dirigido por David Lynch; el baile sexy y las conductas clichés de una comedia romántica son llevados al extremo de lo bizarro y misterioso en cortes que evocan películas como "Mullholland Drive", "Lost Highway", "Wild at Heart" y la fabulosa telenovela cósmica "Twin Peaks". Sí todo es un remix

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Pseudo-scorpions that mimic real scorpions, stuff of parallel universes or just mindfuck.

These are not real scorpions. Strangely enough they are highly esthetic faux scorpions.  Found this in a brazilian blog:

Pseudo significa falso, logo o pseudoescorpião não é um escorpião verdadeiro, possui somente o corpo semelhante. Seus hábitos são semelhantes ao escorpião verdadeiro, vivem em locais úmidos e escuros e também podem ser encontrados ''agarrados'' a outros inverterbrados

Roughly i can translate: "Pseudo means false, then a pseudoscorpion is not a true scorpion, it has only a similar body. Its habits are similar to a true scorpion, they live in moist and darken places and can also be found "strung" to other invertebrates.

I want to believe pseudoscorpions are a replicant specie, denizen of a Philip  K. Dick parallel universe --and not actually real. But it turns out they are a life-form of their own. Arachnid, really. And beneficial of human beings as they prey on cloth-moths. But the Logos has reserved for them the existence of simulacra on the human mind.